Not yet for KCCI

No new morning show for KCCI-TV8 in Des Moines.


No new weatherman Wes Callison this week. He must be walking from Grand Rapids, MI. Although, his promo was running this morning. Wes will replace Bryan Karrick. Brian’s departure certainly has people talking and searching for answers. Karrick’s future is still up in the air, but it sounds like he’s moved back to the Twin Cities for new adventures. So the, “What happened to Brian or Bryan Karrick or Kerrick” will continue to be typed into Google. The answer is some work at WeatherNation in the Twin Cities.

A familiar face to TV8 viewers popped up Monday morning as laid-off meteorologist Jason Parkin was back in for some fill-in relief. Parkin has worked at both WHO and KCCI and other endeavors during his time in central Iowa.

Katie WardKatie Ward is in place, but Marcus Macintosh is still on vacation. Ward takes the place of Caitlyn Coyner. Coyner took a job in North Carolina right after the May book. Ward was a reporter at KCCI prior to the birth of her son.

Ward took the air last week. She has not anchored on a regular basis for KCCI, but has filled in on many shifts.

Now we will see how the chemistry is between several new faces in several places.

And maybe someday they’ll get producers who can time a show and hit network programming on a consistent basis? How many times do we miss the front of David Letterman? I’m just saying.


5 thoughts on “Not yet for KCCI

  1. It sounds like the employees LOVE leaving KCCI… (due to bad management?? crappy pay?? really bad treatment?) How many changes does WHO TV have??? VERY FEW!!! Its almost like everytime I turn on the TV (KCCI) – which I hardly watch – there are new anchors…

    1. He does have a weather website and you can hear his forecasts on KIOA Radio, at least in the mornings. He was a budget cut and did do a little fill-in prior to Wes’ arrival.

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