Well, That Doesn’t Usually Happen – iHeart Has A Change Of Heart?

I have to say, this doesn’t happen often. Media company (frankly most companies) make a change and go in a different direction. But iHeart reversed course Thursday by announcing they are rehiring six staffers cut Tuesday.

Here is where hosts say thank you and we will hear things back to normal on Tuesday?

My friend Jesse Gavin nails a good point here.

Call this the power of the people showing their displeasure, a decision that looked good on paper but didn’t play out quite the way it was drawn or a massive radio stunt for publicity, this is something you don’t see very often.

Let’s have Clark’s boss explain himself.

I know I want Keith Murphy and Andy Fales on my side of an argument of challenge. The duo from WHO-TV and the Murph and Andy show didn’t do their radio show for two days following the cuts. It appeared to be a strong move to stand up for friends and their jobs by not continuing to do their popular radio show until some questions were answered.

Thursday Trent Condon was on the air with the iHeart local general manager, Joel McCrea explaining the situation. This conversation happened during their regular 2-4p slot.

A lot of tweets, Facebook posts and airtime was devoted to this topic. We like local. Folks talked about how these hosts were our regular Iowa Nice to each other. Few insults, but takes on topics that came from the heart and were usually respected. Not much yelling happened on these shows in search of listeners.

And come Tuesday, KxNO will have a presence on the FM dial at 106.3.

Now who do I write to complain to about losing this radio station’s format? I liked it during the Capital 106.3 days. For some reason, I don’t think this move will generate quite the same buzz.

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