Day 1 at the Iowa State Fair 2010

Jacobson Building Dedication.

My first day of the 2010 Iowa State Fair is complete.

I didn’t melt, even if it was 149 degrees in the shade. It was 238 degrees in the Ag Building.

I didn’t pass out, but I did have fun at the fair, which is a requirement.

Many thanks to John Torpy for the lovely pictures for Iowa Public Television. He’s the one in yellow risking his life in front of a team of black horses.

John and I hit the opening of the new Jacobson Exhibition Center, the 4-H building and the butter cow. You can expect all of those features in this year’s Iowa Public Television’s Iowa State Fair Coverage. The nightly IPTV fair shows begin Monday at 9p.

We hope you like our Blue Ribbon Coverage.

I’ll be back out to the fair on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Will you be there any of those days?

Tuesday I’ll be covering the wood chopping event at Pioneer Hall on the grounds’ east side. That is an afternoon event.

Levi will make his ISF debut on Wednesday as we take the stroller through the grounds with Noah, Amy and myself.

Then Thursday, I’ll be at the Bill Riley stage for the pie eating contest.

Maybe I’ll see you at the fair. Regardless, enjoy a true Iowa treasure.

One comment

  1. Just returned home from the Society Horse Show. Love, love, love the new horse arena. Loved showing in there and am really excited to return next year. Thank you for putting us back in the fair.

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