Who Do You Know Playing In The 2020 Girls State Basketball Tournament?

The ball is about to be tipped and there I’ll be courtside, for the great views in the first week of March. I’ll be near mid-court for most of the first 30 games of the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union State Girls Basketball Championships.

Most of the week I’m talking to players, coaches and administrators of the 8 teams in all five classes who’ve qualified. Then following each game, I’ll find out some things about the winning teams that could be used in the next game or as part of the championship round.

Coaches who win the first game one of four teams left standing. Win in the semi’s and you get a chance to play for the championship trophy and a lifetime of great stories to tell. Friday and Saturday night I’ll be anchoring the coverage of the pregame, halftime and post-game show on Iowa PBS.

For part of the week, I’ll be doing play-by-play as part of the IGHSAU.org’s digital stream. All quarter and semi-final games are streamed. So are the title games, but on iowapbs.org. How do I watch the 2020 Girls State Basketball Tournament? Click on IGHSAU.org’s page for the links to free coverage. No out-of-state investors, but we do welcome out-of-state viewers….

Please tell me about your team. What is fun about them? What are the future plans for these ladies? Will some play in college? Others headed to rodeo or the theater? I like all the information. Usually there is something in there of interest to an audience. Drop a line in the comments, email me IPTVPaul@gmail.com or send me a DM on Facebook or Twitter.

And yes, the Paul Yeager pink suit is ready for a Saturday Night Special Event. Do not adjust your TVs, it is just me defying logic for the name of sport in a pink suit.

See you all next week as we feature the Iowa Girl, which includes the All-Iowa Dance Team, pageantry and live coverage to all of Iowa’s 99 counties.

Here’s some top secret intel. I’ll be calling these games:

G110aMON5AQFPaul YeagerLaura Leonard#7 CR Prairie 20-3#1 IC City High 23-1
G55pMON3AQFPaul YeagerEllie Howell#8 Jesup 20-4#1 Dike New Hartford 22-1
G911:45aTUE4AQFPaul YeagerLaura Leonard#8 Clear Creek-Amana 19-4#1 North Scott 23-0
G136:45pTUE2AQFPaul YeagerMolly Nelson#8 Denver 16-8#1 Cascade 24-0
G1510aWED2AQFPaul YeagerAndy Pollock#7 Logan-Magnolia 20-3#2 West Hancock 23-1
G171:30pWED1AQFPaul YeagerAndy Pollock#8 CB St. Albert 13-11#1 Newell-Fonda 23-0

Plus a couple of semi-final games as well in Class 5A and 4A.

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