Newseum Closes Taking My Memories With It

One of my favorite places to visit in Washington, D.C. is about to close.

The Newseum was a must-see for news junkies. Or in my case, an opportunity to take my children to see the work of the best journalists. But come December 31, 2019, the museum for news will close. After 11 years, the money ran out in a town where free admission rules (The Smithsonians are great in so many ways).

I’ve taken both my boys to see the facility on Pennsylvania Avenue. Most recently, Levi and I toured the interactive, permanent and rotating exhibits.

The building also held events with a studio audience and a reception or two related to journalism. But the expenses were higher than incomes and in an industry where the bottom line is as important as it’s ever been, something had to give. Johns Hopkins will buy the property and the news artifacts will head into storage.

Levi and Noah both took part in Newseum TV. And this tribute to 9-11 and the news coverage of the day was powerful. Neither of my children were alive that day and can only experience it in print or on the internet. This display of a mangled TV tower is more than just metal to me. The sections of the Berlin Wall also provided an opportunity to try and explain why it had to go up in the first place.

I enjoyed looking at the Jon Stewart jokes, Vietnam coverage and the chance to review classic clips that shaped my business.

I can’t guarantee this satellite truck from CONUS was the one I did my first uplink from, but it was the same company. The CONUS truck was on display outside the cafeteria.

Each state has representation in this town and at the Newseum, the front page of that day’s newspaper was put on display outside the front doors.

And yes, I have to include Edward R. Murrow here. Otherwise, I’ve failed you all.

Thank you Newseum for the opportunity to take my children. I hope there is a future for this type of work to be shown again.

Now I’ll have to settle for taking them to the Archives of Iowa Broadcasting at Wartburg College to get their Iowa history.

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