Watching Baseball With Mike Naig – MtoM #283

I was walking about the Administration Building at the Iowa State Fair in August of 2019 when I came upon two familiar faces sitting on a bench nose-deep in their phones.

Mike Naig and Julie Kenney looked up from their devices and said hello and we began talking. But the Secretary of Agriculture for Iowa and the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture clearly wanted to get back to devices.

It wasn’t a game of Words With Friends or Instagram, but a little league playoff game with a chance to keep marching to Williamsport, Pennsylvania and the Little League World Series. Mike’s son was playing on the team several states away and he was in Des Moines, attending to his duties at the State Fair.

This week’s MtoM podcast guest is Mike Naig. We talk about baseball and eventually get into water quality, Iowa’s place in feeding the world and challenges facing farmers.

By the way, the photo used here is with Peter Tubbs and Phil Blobaum as they prepare for another interview with Mr. Naig as Mike was able to enjoy our picture of Mark Pearson hanging in the podcast studio at Iowa PBS.

Click here for the link to our conversation that also covers the important topic of the annual tenderloin contest.

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