End of an Era?

Did KCCI-TV turn on the cameras today?
Did WHO-TV say 13 is lucky?

Yes and probably.

May ratings are back for the Des Moines television market. And, it shows again TV13 is making gains on KCCI. Gains happened in February, but you can attribute some of that to the Olympics. Or could you?

But this book was being watched to see if it was more of a pattern of viewer habits changing.

WHO-TV sent out this release Tuesday.

Ratings chart from WHOTV.com

This graphic was in the release.

WHO wants you to look at percentages, that’s why they are in yellow. That is the % change from May ’09 to May ’10. A 75% change sound dramatic, but we’re talking a .8 rating to a 1.4 rating, not a lot of new TVs coming on to watch Jeriann and Pat and Brooke, but you could argue some of that gain came from Caitlyn and Marcus who dropped from a 2.2 to a 1.2 rating.

The May book is vital because it will be used by the sales department until December when the November book is complete and published.

WHO is back on top in the 5-7 AM slot. This was the long newscast WHO was winning in the M-F for a long time. But recently KCCI was leading the way.

Caitlyn Coyner
Caitlyn Coyner has left KCCI-TV for Raleigh, NC. (Image from DesMoinesRegister.com)

KCCI is having changes already on their morning show as Caitlyn Coyner is already gone, she announced during May book she was leaving to take a job in North Carolina at WTVD-TV the ABC affiliate in Raleigh.

That may not be the only change at TV8 as meteorologist Bryan Karrick is likely leaving by the end of the summer.

Mornings are one thing, the evening newscasts are where the big eyeballs are at.

KCCI reminded us in this news release.

The Des Moines Register posted this story Wednesday about the ratings.

Is this beginning of the end of the death grip TV8 had on central Iowa TV? Or are ratings books falling in one or two different hands?

A key demo is the 25-54 where WHO is making gains, evening winning that demographic on a couple of shows.

I’ve worked at the ratings leader before. KWQC doubled the competition combined as well. They too, are seeing dents in their ratings dominance.

KWQC’s change could be part of bankruptcy issues surrounding parent company Young Broadcasting and gains by WQAD-TV.

  • WHO-TV did debut all-HD newscasts during this time period.
  • WHO-TV would like you to believe KCCI”s viewers are dying off.
  • KCCI would like to remind you they are still number one in the main newscasts.

For the record, I have worked at WHO-TV in the past and maintain friendships in both newsrooms.


  1. I know nothing of ratings or any of that. I am just a normal 29 year old male viewer who likes KCCI. I really could care less for WHO. KCCI comes off as more pure to me. Seems like more of a one on one conversation with good production value & the best weather. WOI has ALL of them beat with the weather in the first 10 minutes. KCCI is & will continue to be my go to network regardless of the spin.

    • Ryan– Good points on who you watch and why. The conversation is a good one with Kevin on the mic. I will say, watch long enough and you’ll see some production issues. Check out the end of newscasts sometimes, they are worth watching, especially 10 and noon.

      WOI does have good wx up front and easy to understand. Brad is a pro.

      Where did you grow up? Was it always in Central Iowa?

      Thanks for the comments.

  2. I’d love to see some ratings that break down the newscast into 10-minute segments… how many people turn from KCCI’s sports to watch Keith Murphy on WHO? KCCI anchors come across as smarmy too often for my taste…

  3. KCCI has changed from clean sweeps of the newscasts to clean sweeps of key long-time employees in various deparments. Several employees — some quite young — have recently been given the option of early retirement… or else?? Also, rumor is that the traffic department, filled with loyal lifelong employees, has been erased in favor of shipping jobs to corporate offices in other states.

    Perhaps this “clean sweep” of employees, which is happening in places other than just the newsroom, is coming back to haunt their big-city owners?

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