Broadcasting skills and you

I’ll be spending some time with the great folks of the Iowa High School Speech Association in a few days.

I’ve been asked to present to judges of the radio and television categories.

I’ve been the guest critic a few times at large group and individual all-state speech events. I’ve had a blast each time. Except the one year I was sick for most of the morning’s activities.

Here’s to my consumers of TV and radio and how you can help the IHSSA.

What are skills do you find invaluable for TV and radio?
What can students do to become great broadcasters?
What annoys you most about radio and TV news?

This is an open question. Post your comments below, or drop me an email to

Thanks again for your help.


2 thoughts on “Broadcasting skills and you

  1. Don’t comment on something you know nothing about. If you don’t know about it, don’t talk. Also don’t make mountains out of a molehills. I laugh when I see reporters with incredibly serious looks on their faces for stories that are anything but incredibly serious.

  2. With all the focus on “new media,” I fear that young journalists will concern themselves too much about the technology and making their pieces “slick.” Remind them that technology is just a tool and cannot replace solid, well-practiced skills, especially writing and speaking. It’s always about good storytelling — the rest is just eye and ear candy.

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