KCCI-TV morning moves

Thanks to the good folks at the Des Moines Register for confirming a couple of stories in today’s Buzz in the Business section.

The first involves former morning meteorologist Bryan Karrick. This post has got lots of hits as people are looking for him. I also see KCCI.com has changed his profile page to say he used to work at KCCI. They’ve done that with a few former personalities and it makes sense when viewers want to know what ever happened to….

The other news including the promotion of Katie Ward, formerly Katie Piper, to the morning anchor position vacated by Caitlin Coyner. Caitlin left for North Carolina and WTVD-TV in Raleigh.

The official story from the Register is here.

The departure of Karrick does provide a little insight to just how big of a player KCCI is in this market and how dominant they are on people’s minds. I’ve never had a post pop so much and for so long in the search terms as much as this one did. A lot of people watch TV8 and care about the people on their air.

I haven’t seen the same jump from the WHO-TV folks of Patrick Dix, Brooke Bouma or Jeriann Ritter. But, they also were still on the air and still on people’s minds. TV13 did make some movement back to the front of the ratings, so we’ll see how the Ward moves plays into the November book. I did hear a story earlier this spring that Ward was looking for an anchor job while on maternity leave and her name was popping up in talk of an opening at a Quad Cities TV station. So, I guess that answers that question for now.


    • Good questions and I don’t have answers to either one of them at this point. If I hear something concrete, I’ll let you know. Thanks for reading and commenting. – Paul

      • Bryan Karrick has re-surfaced. He is now working for WeatherNation, based out of Excelsior MN. You can see him on their internet website on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, typically in the morning into the early afternoon. Best place to see him in
        action is on the startribune.com website.
        As well as the weathernation.net website. Since they do use different meteorologists at various times of the day and night, you will have to navigate a little to find him.

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