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She’s having a baby, someday

Jeriann Ritter and Paul Yeager on his final day at WHO-TV back in 2007.

Let’s get this out in the open. We are not having a baby. We’ve already done that with Noah and Levi. And I don’t mean me and Jeriann.

I’m talking about our friend Jeriann Ritter. The morning meteorologist at WHO-TV in Des Moines is pregnant with her second child. She’s due soon and is working as long as the doctors let her.

I am here to answer a few questions many of you have typed into Google. And lots of you have asked. I guess weather people really drive interest in Iowa. See previous posts on Bryan Karrick. Maybe I should write about Terry Swails or Eileen Loan.

Ok, back to the questions.

Yes. Jeriann Ritter is pregnant.
She is having a baby.
When is Jeriann Ritter due? Mid-January.

I guess many of you found this post asking the question, “What’s in the water?” It featured many of Des Moines area TV ladies becoming mothers.

Many of those mentioned in the post were able to hide behind a desk, plant, or prop in a stand up.
But not Jeriann. When Channel 13 switched to high-definition on all newscasts, they also made changes to their weather package which included showing the meteorologists. ALL of the meteorologists.

I know that the blog kept by the morning crew at Today In Iowa, anchor Patrick Dix has answered several questions about Jerriann and the pending arrival of the baby. Also, the TV13 holiday promo with the morning team was great. Pat and Brooke plus Brad decorating the tree. Then Jeriann comes in, dressed as Santa. Classic Kevin Rivers there.

Jeriann told me last week she hopes the boy comes sooner than the January 17th due date.

Even a Wartburg grad wishes his friend the Buena Vista Beaver the best on her pending arrival.

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Bell, Mizzu-rah and other IA media moves

Patrick Bell

Patrick Bell is now at KCCI-TV.

An old face returns to the Des Moines media market this week as Patrick Bell is back in the Capital City, but this time he’s on KCCI-TV8.

Bell was a reporter at WHO-TV before he departed for Columbus, Ohio. Before Bell arrived back in Des Moines, Channel 13 alum Mark Tauscheck was doing some freelance reporting for Dave Busiek‘s bunch on 8th Street.

Bell replaces Geoff Greenwood on KCCI who left for a job with the Iowa Attorney General’s office.

Laura Nichols of KCCI.

Also new at KCCI, Laura Nichols. She’s a recent graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, a frequent supplier of talent to the Des Moines TV market. Patrick Dix and Dave Price of WHO-TV and Emily Givens Price and others have been Missouri Tigers one day and Des Moines TV reporters the next.

All of you mentioned would be great members of the Iowa Broadcast News Association. Send me an email to IPTVPaul@gmail.com on how to enroll in the IBNA. We’ve got a couple of tweaks to categories that we will post here.

Other media bits

Fox 18 out of Davenport is now having their news produced by WQAD-TV in Moline. Previously the folks at Independent News Network were doing the news for KLJB. WQAD is owned by the same people who run WHO-TV in Des Moines. Channel 13 produces the 9 o’clock news on Fox 17. See a pattern?

This means Chris Williams is back in the anchor chair. Williams replaced a guy named Paul Yeager at KWQC-TV6 on weekends back in 2006. Williams was a budget cut before ending up at WQAD Channel 8. Williams is paired with Kim Johnson and James Zahara. The Fox 18 news in Davenport when it was produced by INN had several faces from Greg Wilson, Scott Kinrade, formerly of KIMT and also AgDay, to now Mike Mickle. Mike is doing the Fox42 news for Omaha. Also at that station is a new reporter, former Channel 13 intern and Waverly-native Shelly Russell.

Phil Doherty was the Sunday evening news anchor for the last few years while serving as a new producer as well for INN. Phil and I were involved in the Girl Scouts of the Mississippi Valley’s Media Night. We would sing and dance for the Girl Scouts of the Quad Cities. Phil is quite the singer who will now do more with his voice.

Also an alum of KJLB weekend team is WHO TV’s Chris Hassel.

If I don’t mention congratulations to Megan Reuther and Randy Schumacher (Mizzu and Wartburg alums respectively), I would be failing in my duties. The couple welcomed their third child into the world this week. Cathryn Ann was born September 21st. She has two older brothers.

For the record, Jeriann Ritter is still pregnant and Bryan Karrick is still not at KCCI.

But Amanda Krenz and Rachel Pierece are both back on the anchor desk. I believe this is the first time the two have been paired together when neither one of them was pregnant. Congrats to both of the WOI ABC5 anchors on their recent births.

All of you mentioned would be great members of the Iowa Broadcast News Association. Send me an email to IPTVPaul@gmail.com on how to enroll in the IBNA. We’ve got a couple of tweaks to categories that we will post here.

Other media moves to report? Send me an email to IPTVPaul@gmail.com

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