Special Norwegian Delivery

We had a wonderful surprise on Friday at the ranch.

A viewer we’ve connected with over the years here at Market to Market went to a lot of effort to make sure we experienced some genuine Norwegian cuisine. The picture above is lefse, krumkake and kringla.

I’m familiar with two the three, but I’ll let Jeff Ryan tell you more.

“The kringla looks like a doughy pretzel. It can be eaten plain. Krumkake looks like an ice cream cone. Very delicate, so be prepared for a pile of crumbs if you bite or grab it too firmly. They’re great plain.” – Jeff Ryan

Jeff heard our Thanksgiving Foods MtoM podcast from November where Peter Tubbs, Colleen Bradford Krantz and John Torpy discussed our favorite and least liked foods of the season. You can listen here to our discussion on sweet potatoes, turkey and lefse.

I’ll eventually tell you more about Jeff and his life in Cresco, Iowa. Adventure seems to find him in life and he seemingly knows almost everyone through his life of brain surgeries, cattle business and BBQ.

Back to our treats.

The krumkake was made by a Luther student as part of a fundraiser for a class trip. According to Jeff, these are spot on and could be made professionally.

Jeff is one of four Ryan children. His sister Roxann made the delivery and our day.

My mother-in-law makes kringla and my kids love it. As a German/Dutch combo, we didn’t have much of the Norwegian fare growing up.

We added a little butter and sugar to our lefse and enjoyed the flatbread.

I wonder what food I’ll pretend to not know next…..

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