Christmas with Julefest

We attended two Christmas concerts/festivals/events this weekend. Both were wonderful to hear for different reasons.

This was our first Julefest at Ankeny High School. The 8th graders are a part of the mass choirs and get to perform their own numbers. The other choirs have their turn in the spotlight and the experience of singing en masse.

The other event was Christmas with Wartburg. For the last decade, Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines has been the host venue. This replaced the Des Moines Civic Center, which is where I performed four times during my stint in the Wartburg College Castle Singers.

Both are a great showcase of talent.

And both provided me with a few thoughts.

  • When it is announced to hold applause until the end, please do so. Having an emotional song end with a smattering of claps takes away from the moment.
  • Some songs can be a bit too mysterious.
  • Vaping has not taken over everywhere, as people are still smoking cigarettes before coming into a closed venue.
  • Punctuation saves lives (Let’s eat Grandma vs. Let’s eat, grandma) and constants make music better.
  • I know this kids work extremely hard and their directors sweat the small stuff to make sure the students get to experience something that is greater than all of us.
  • Little siblings don’t always want to be a part of the fun.
  • Audience sing-a-longs usually reveal who should be on the stage and who should be watching.

Life moves pretty fast. Take a few pictures and then enjoy the moment.

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