Kids Art

When you open a 1st grader’s bag, you never know what you’ll find. Just ask my mother. She didn’t know what creations I carted off the bus.

Our little creator, Levi, is following in my footsteps. He leaves a trail everywhere he goes with his creations. That’s my boy…

However, our youngest has some talent. He’s blessed with some artistic vision and his drawing skills are way ahead of mine.

We keep a few of these of renderings when they come home. I can hardly wait to pull these pieces of paper from the archives in twenty years or even sooner when it comes to decorate for his graduation.

Dr. Mayhem. Did you know this was his name?

I asked on Instgram what this looked like and I initially said the lead man from a CCR cover band. But really, the image is closer to Dr. Teeth from the Muppet Mayhem band. What do you think?

We do watch the Muppets in this house, but Levi’s creation was more about a story they had read in his class who had a green face, stripes and bent arms.

He’ll probably need more than this heart photo to get out of the doghouse for leaving one collection after another throughout our home.

But he certainly knows how to get to our hearts.

Thanks for reading.

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