Fine, Jesse, I’ll Write

Yes, reporters wearing hats under umbrella’s is blog-able.

Mike DaSilva was in the elements Tuesday night for WHO-HD. He was outside Hilton Coliseum. I think Mike needed a little magic to get the snow and cold away from his upper body and went for the black umbrella as his weapon.

Mike DaSilva, WHO-HD, Des Moines, Iowa. January, 2017.

Yes, Mike is wearing a baseball cap and he is a reporter. I guess that covers the fundamentals of Reporters Wearing Hats.

I’m not sure if it was WHO or WOI who recently did a POP (Proof Of Performance) showcasing how their staff covered an ice storm. I think every reporter in the piece was wearing a hat. I almost cried. But that could have been the onions I was cutting for my crockpot chili.

Tis the the season for hearty reporters of the Midwest to head out and tell us how bad the storm is so we don’t feel tempted to go out ourselves in the elements.

I’ve done the driving around thing in weather for work and if I don’t have to, I don’t go out and drive. Unless I have eye appointments for my children.

Yes, Jesse, I’ve neglected this corner of the internet for awhile.

Forgive me a little bit. When you update Instagram every day, play 25 moves on Words With Friends (I think my username is PublicPaul) and maintaining a MySpace page, a guy gets busy.

Next you’re going to tell me I should talk to my kids or something. I still have those, right?

How about I pick up the slack in 2017 and get back to reporter hats? (send those to Maybe I’ll write about some other topics to have this fun way of documenting my life.

Thanks for reading all the way here.

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