My dad could use a little help right now

In an effort to not bury the lead, my father, Kent is in rough shape now. He had a very serious stroke Wednesday evening. Eventually, he was airlifted to Iowa City and we’ve been here since. His right side completely shut down. Following a procedure, he did recover some movement on the side and the ability to speak a few words. But there is going to be too much to overcome.

We have cried, laughed and reminisced and will continue to do so until the Lord calls him home.

Kent loved to fish. I’ve always maintained he was a full-time fisherman and part-time farmer.

Calling him independent is an understatement.

In a testament to his fishing, hit like if you’ve gone with him before. Or talked with him before. Or played golf at the Country Club, played at the baseball or softball complex, swam in the pool, worshipped at ALC, watched cable, talked on the phone or attended school in Jesup. He had his hands in all of those places.

He’s given countless hours to service to organizations.

Now we have countless memories to hold in these final moments.

This photo was from our Christmas a couple of weeks ago. He sure loved those grandkids and many others love him.



  1. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We are so sorry that this has happened. We have been constantly thinking about you and your family since Ron called us with this devastating news. We are so glad that you are able to be by your father’s side and to help give your mother strength. We are sending our love, hugs, and lots of prayers your way. Hang in there, and take good care of yourself.

  2. To my former weekend anchoring friend: you’ve always had a way with words. This is a heart-wrenching post. Praying for that wonderful father of yours and your entire family.
    Isaiah 41:10

  3. I am so sorry to hear this, Paul! The entire Yeager Family is in my prayers – please give your Mom a hug for me, and you tell her I have such fond memories of both her and your Dad! He was always SO proud of all you kids!!!! Lifting you all up in prayer! Hugs. Jacqui (Fisher) Coulter

  4. JoEllen, Paul and your entire family….We received a call tonight from
    Mike Meyers from Harmony, MN….concerning your father having his
    severe stroke…so Very sorry to hear this…please know as I kneel tonight
    to ask God’s mercy on folks that need it…cousin Kent will be first….
    in line…..We just returned from a visit to the Holy Land a month ago, so feel
    quite close to our Lord, so know he’s listening and taking care of his people.
    Nancy & Jerry Gartner,
    Preston, Minnesota

    • Sorry, my bad…this man’s name was Mike Peters. I left a message with
      Kristin Sunday afternoon..on her cell….a candle is burning for Kent today…Nancy G.

  5. We are so sorry to hear about Kent..he is such a sweet guy…have known him since I was a little girl in church and going t o spend the night at their house with Lynda…..May God put his loving arms around you at this time of crisis for you family!!!!! Sending prayers on the wings of Angels!!! Doc and Bud Marsh

  6. My folks called me with the news today. I have such fond memories of Kent’s warmth and sense of humor. My thoughts are with you all!
    Melissa (Missi) May-Maxey

  7. Prayers to Kent and family, Paul, I worked with your mom at MHI and just saw her around the holidays, we had a short chat. We had my mother at UHIC after she had her stroke a few years ago, they worked wonders on her, your dad sounds like an awesome guy, you are blessed to have him.

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