Reporter in hats are back in style in 2015

It is the most wonderful time of the year. Iowa’s first big snowfall of 2015 seems like a perfect time to feature some TV reporters out in the elements wearing hats. Glad to see so many were protected. Remember, safety first.

Looking for the latest hats? Check out my Public Paul Facebook page. I’ll post hats as they come in on the site.

J Marissa Scott
Marissa Scott, KGAN, Cedar Rapids.
2015-01-05 22.22.26
Josh Wurster, KIMT, Mason City.
Photo Jan 05, 10 05 36 PM
Laura Nichols, KCCI, Des Moines.
Photo Jan 05, 10 18 06 PM
Amanda Krenz, WOI, West Des Moines.



2015-01-05 22.21.11
Allie Krug, KIMT, Mason City.
2015-01-05 22.19.56
DeeDee Stiepan, KIMT, Mason City.
J Brady Smith
Brady Smith, KCRG-TV, almost like he’s got a cold one there in this report.
J Nikki Newbrough
Nikki Newbrough, KWWL, Waterloo.
Vanessa Peng, KCCI-TV. Keep your eyes open for her.


Mark Tauscheck of KCCI-TV finally receives a station-sponsored stocking hat.


Todd Magel of KCCI-TV.


Brett McIntyre, WHO-TV. He was just a few feet from KCCI for this shot. And was out a little longer as the mast on the live truck was frozen with two rungs to go.


Vanessa is back, this time in a different hat.


J Brian Boesen
Brian Boesen, KWQC-TV in Davenport.
J Mark Carlson
Mark Carlson of KCRG is the boss with that lid.
Courtney Johns of WHO-TV brings out the purple.


Jason Rantala, KCCI-TV.


Mr. Mark is back with a hood over the hat.


Samantha-Jo Roth of WOI-TV and the newly launched and Local 5.



Mark wins huge points for this selfie. A better shot than off a TV screen.

See a hat that belongs here? Send it to and we’ll get it into the mix. Thanks to Tony, Romelle and Jesse for the tips.

And this is not the first time we’ve done this. Check out the archives for a few past posts.


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