Yup, I’ve gone public in more ways than one

Photo May 23, 5 08 05 PM
Providing coverage of the 2014 IGHSAU State Track Meet in Des Moines.

This should come as a surprise to no one that I’ve gone public in a few ways.

I don’t want to inundate friends with all my work items on my personal Facebook page and I want to build on some of the items I do for Iowa Public Television, Central Iowa Sports Network and out outlets a place to call home. I know it hard to separate them, but this is an attempt. It is the same me, just in another place.

So, go ahead and like this Public Paul Yeager page on Facebook. Look for a few more work photos and behind the scenes look at making television and radio magic.

I also have spent a lot of time with the Flipboard app. I call it Pinterest for news. The application allows you read news stories in magazine form and them flip them into your own public or private magazine.

This magazine is my primary Market to Market page. We call it the Market to Market Reading Material. It includes lots of great articles that impact rural America.

View my Flipboard Magazine.I do have a place I put a lot of articles I find enjoyable or I want to refer to later. I call it Cornucopia.

View my Flipboard Magazine.

You don’t need the mobile app for iPad or Android, but it looks pretty cool on your desk top.

I’ve also built a magazine for Iowa HS girls sports, Iowa High School Football and a few others.

20140211-064916.jpgAnd the new Facebook page may be the perfect place to find a few photos of your favorite TV reporters in hats.

I always have fun on Instagram @yeagerp


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