Time for softball and track and soccer and…..how do you keep score?

IPTV Sports is starting to hit peak season.

Jim Kirby talks to members of the state champion Urbandale J-Hawk shuttle hurdle relay team.

We had crews at the famous Blue Oval to capture the sights, sounds and highlights of the Iowa High School Athletic Union’s state track meet. The co-ed meet is its tenth season. It was fun to be back in the middle of it all. We will be cutting together 3, eight minute segments to air during the soccer championships on June 14th.

My next role with be with state softball.

This is where you come in to play.

Part of what made our basketball coverage work so well was the stories we told of the players and coaches. I’m looking to make sure we know those stories a little earlier this season. If you know of something that is outstanding and we should pay attention to, please let me know. Drop a line to me at IPTVPaul@gmail.com or in the comments below.

I will try to keep my Flipboard magazine of girls sports updated as the season goes on, but I may miss some stories as the year progresses.

Paul Yeager records a promo for IPTV Sports at the Iowa High School 2014 State Track Meet.

My next question is how do you keep score at a softball or baseball game? Are you pen and paper person? Which book do you use? Are you an iPad score keeper? Which program, iScore or GameChanger or something else?


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