The Farm Crisis on IPTV

When Laurel met Harry. Harry Smith address the crowd and Laurel Bower Burgmaier looks on. Smith narrated the new IPTV documentary, “The Farm Crisis.”

A story will air Monday night on Iowa Public Television that will rip open a wound for some and break new ground for others.

The network will debut “The Farm Crisis.” This 90-minute documentary will examine what happened in the 1970s and 1980s and how is happening now in agriculture. Many of you lived through the crisis when the bottom fell out of land values and high interest rates led to debt, foreclosure and bankruptcy. Farmers were over-extended in borrowing and when some foreign markets dried up, the value of the commodities dropped and soon auctions were the norm.

Laurel Bower Burgmaier is the producer on this project. She also brought you “More Than A Game: 6-On-6 Basketball In Iowa.”

The story follows Iowa farm families through the high and low times around the Iowa’s best-known industry of agriculture.

Harry Smith of NBC News is the narrator of the film. He was in Des Moines Thursday night for the premiere at the State Historical Center of Iowa. Smith covered 80s farm crisis and has continued to cover stories rooted in agriculture.

This is an emotional piece of work that will be difficult for some to see, especially if lived through it. For those who think farming today is the way it has always been need to set some time away Monday night at 8p on IPTV to watch this program.

Here is a trailer for the film to give you a better idea of what to expect Monday night.

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