Steve Jobs Babysits My Boys

I have a little confession to make.

The iPad is highly addicting.

That may not be news to any of you with the device, but I may be setting up the boys for a lifetime of addiction.

Almost every day the first question I get is, “Daddy, Can I play the iPad? This week I’ve let them play with it a bit. Maybe not every waking moment, but they’ve spent more time with it than the TV, so maybe that’s a good thing?

Wednesday was no exception. The boys played their games before supper, mostly Temple Run.

During supper we did shut it off to have a debate on the best Disney Pixar movie. Thanks to Nate Vaughn for the topic. Noah said Cars 2 was better than Cars 1. Levi liked Cars 1 better because of the combine. Noah prefers Toy Story 3 over TS2 and TS1. Levi is in the same boat. Then I brought up Incredibles and they both agreed that was their favorite. Although Finding Nemo almost made it to the top of the list on a late rally.

These are some serious discussions we have when it is the Yeager Boys Home Alone.

Now back to the iPad.

Would the boys in the back keep quiet?

I felt brave enough to the take the boys to church choir. I mean, we have the iPad, that’s the only babysitter they need. Noah brought his reading minutes timer to make sure he and Levi would get equal playing time. Every five minutes, they’d switch up and let the other play.

When we got home, Noah wanted to watch one more video. I showed him this last night, but he wanted to see the little boy making all the basketball shots. Check out this little guy between the age of 18-24 months making almost every shot he takes. Impressive.

Maybe next time we’ll work on our basket shooting while mom is gone.


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