Early Risers Get the iPad

Morning iPad time for Levi.

It is not in most of the Yeager DNA to get up early. They’d rather stay up all night than wake before dawn.

My boys do have my DNA, but for some reason, not enough of the night owl gene is in Noah’s makeup. He’s our early riser.

Levi will stay up late and is pretty good at getting out of bed when called upon. Tuesday morning he had a little incentive in his brain.

Monday night he asked to play iPad when he woke up. I agreed. But like many things, I thought the little dude would forget. Nope. He was up by 7 wanting to play iPad and not even turn on the TV. Who is this kid?

Noah focuses on the puzzle.

His brother wanted to keep working on the puzzle he began on Sunday. He wanted to make sure he would complete our jigsaw challenge. He too, didn’t want to watch TV before school. The two of them later in the evening wanted to watch the PBS Kids app. Fetch and WordGirl are two of their favorite shows right now.

We did get a call from the birthday girl. That was a nice surprise. She had a good day touring offices in London. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

I took the boys voting tonight. We wer voting on the proposal for another new elementary school. I had my driver’s license scanned and my information came up on the poll workers screen. She said Ankeny is a test project for the rest of Polk County. You don’t need an ID to vote, but it helps speed up the process. The rest of you will likely see this the next time you vote. Unless Mark Amadeo messes it up…

Temple Run is the game of the week.

We did come back in time for the boys to take turns playing Temple Run. That is their favorite new app. I guess there are worse games to play than working on quick thinking and coordination.

20130205-205045.jpg And just before bed Noah said his tooth was wiggly. Sure enough, two his front teeth were moving around a lot more than before. I don’t see any teeth coming in behind yet, but I’m sure he’ll lose those baby teeth before Christmas so he can wish for something else before the holidays.

As always, thanks for taking time to read this installment of the YBHA.


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