Super Bowl Sunday XIII

Super Bowl Sunday is almost a national holiday, even if it falls in YBHA XIII.

Levi gets in Noah’s face before the end of church this morning. I’m not exactly sure what was being said here.

The boys and I made it to service this morning. The choir sang at 8a and we were in the balcony by 740. The boys had a short night of sleep, but they were pretty good during service. I’m pretty sure it was because the boys were too tired to cause any trouble.

I’m so tired…

Levi may have been tired enough to lay down on the balcony floor. Then again on the couch in the Gathering Place. At least he was comfortable.

Fort Yeager.

We built Fort Yeager in the basement Saturday afternoon. Sunday afternoon we took shelter to watch a movie. A couple of sheets can create some nice atmosphere.

It always gets dusty at the end of Toy Story 3.

Toy Story 3 was on the little screen. It is amazing how the dust seems to kick up at the end of the movie every time I watch it. Amazing.

Super Bowl party with a couple of cousins. Even the kids wanted to watch the game and this was when it wasn’t even close.

Then it was off the Freeseman’s for a little tradition of football. The boys played with their cousins and burned off some energy. They wanted to watch the game, just like their parents.

Six out of seven nights, Levi howls at the moon until almost 10 PM. On the 7th night, Noah will be the one up late. Maybe there is hope for Noah’s sporting interests. I let him watch the end of the game, so he got to see the 49ers storm back and not convert late the game to allow the Baltimore Ravens to win the Super Bowl.

He did get to see this ad, the Dodge, “Keep Plowing commercial.” It features Paul Harvey’s voice talking about how God created the farmer. Pretty powerful and important stuff.


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