Here We Go Again, YBHA XIII

Mom and her boys, Levi (3), Noah (6).

Just when you thought it was safe to stop keeping track of the Yeager boys and their home alone adventures.
In November, we thought YBHA XII was going to be the last one for a while. Sorry. Here we go again. Welcome to Yeager Boys Home Alone 13.

We begin with the traditional departure photo. This picture is taken right before Amy flies. The one time we did not take the picture, Mommy was stuck in Europe for a few extra days because of some volcanic ash.

This trip is to a new overseas destination for Amy. We will see what this journey brings.

Cousins Paige and Allie help with Noah’s Valentine creations. Aunt Julie supervises.

Originally, I was slated for a meeting on Saturday and I had booked a babysitter in cousin Paige. When that fell through, I still had the Wood family come for lunch.

We first finished up Noah’s Valentine’s Day cards. Noah is ready for the holiday. His Madagascar cards are complete with tattoos and Laffy Taffy for his friends.

Chopsticks aren’t just for eating.

We took the crew to lunch.

Noah and Levi tried chopsticks to eat their HuHot. Most of the time they were used for something other than eating. I think this picture looks more like a directing a symphony.

Stairway of fun.

And we played around with my new app off the week, Vine. We took some standard shots and then started playing around with the app.

Vine is video twitter. You get six seconds and can edit in the camera. The videos loop and can be posted to Twitter or Facebook. Look for more of these videos.

This one is the kids saying hello.

And this one is a little song they performed for you. Enjoy.


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