Audra in Photos

Bob and Audra Lehmann, Paul and Amy Yeager, Wartburg College homecoming, 2004.

Thank you for the many kind words about my grandmother and godmother, Audra Lehmann.

I’ve dug though the photo archives to find other pictures of Audra to supplement what we had in the first post.

If you have a memory of Audra you’d like to share, please do so in the comment section below. Many of the family members are reading them and getting to know even more about the life she led.

Here now, a few pictures that I’ve been able to find of Grandma A and Grandpa B.

A and B 04
Grandma A and Grandpa B on duty with smiles. 2004.
Brothers and sisters gather with Bob and Audra. (L-R) Barb Nash, Bob Lehmann, Audra Lehmann, Grant Lehmann, Brian Lehmann, Mark Lehmann, Lynda Holtz, Kent Yeager.

Thea Birthday

Bob and Audra Lehmann meet little Levi. 11.27.09.
Bob and Audra Lehmann meet little Levi. 11.27.09.

That is quite the good-looking group.
What a good looking group. Wish I remember it. I mean, come on, that blue suit I’m wearing is awesome.


4 thoughts on “Audra in Photos

  1. Audra Rose – how I will miss her. She is my Aunt, sister to my Mom Ella Mae who passed away in October. I cannot believe we have lost both of them in such a short time and Audra’s oldest son Peter in August. Audra and Bob have been such a part of our family spending many many Thanksgivings and Christmas’s in Elmhurst with us. We always has so much fun and I will miss her dearly – I am crying as I write this. Perhaps I will meet you Paul, this weekend and we can share many stories of our Audra Rose.

    Blessed Be.

    1. Amy– Thank you for the wonderful comment. Yes, it has been a tough few months, but now Ella Mae and Audra are back together. And also with Pete.

      I hope to meet you as well this weekend. We are all better for knowing her.

  2. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful Lady—I have known Audra all of my life (Roland was my Mom’s cousin and she adored that family!) and I had the pleasure of visiting with her several times over the years. You are all truely blessed to have had such a gracious and remarkable wife, mother and grandmother!!!!!!!

  3. I was just cleaning off my desk and ran across the paper with Robert & Audra’s address on it, thinking it would be wonderful to call her and say I think of Pete often and thank her for insisting each of us wear Pete’s beads at his service. Of course, that is not possible. So, instead, I will continue to open the desk drawer and move the beads out of my way when I am looking for something–each time a reminder of a special friend and his wonderful mother. Her strength at Pete’s passing was amazing and how she and Bob took on Pete’s service and burial told us all how much they loved him. What a remarkable woman, what a loss. It is quite obvious where Pete got his compassion for others. God Bless this special lady.

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