I’m fine, but a little help please

My walk down memory lane of the beginnings of my final semester at Wartburg prompted a couple of “you OK?” inquiries.

I’m fine. At least that I know of today as I type this update.


This week, I’ll be driving my dad to the hospital for hip replacement surgery. He’ll be hopefully be getting on the road to recovery from what has been a miserable last 5 months of pain. Whatever it takes to get him back in the boat, right? Kent has been a little more cantankerous that normal and this will be the next effort to get him back to good health.

My grandmother Audra Lehmann is approaching a milestone of hospital care and could use a little support in prayer.

My cousin’s husband Bob Ballard is going through some CT scans and other tests to see how his cancer treatment is progressing.

I know it is no different than any of you, but a little prayer for those needing some uplifting could go a long way. I’d like to think I’m using the power of media to help gain some help in the good fight.


4 thoughts on “I’m fine, but a little help please

  1. Paul, I got your back. I’ll be praying for Kent’s recovery, Grandma Lehmann, and Bob in his progression against cancer.

    For everything you done for me, it’s coming back three-fold, buddy.

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