What Is Old Is New Again

The Pin Doctors: Next Generation http://instagr.am/p/T6zSuGCKz2/
After my wife and parents, I’ve spent the most New Year’s Evenings with my sister, Kris. So why not say goodbye to 2012 with her and Maddox and my family?

Kris and I would be taken various places to celebrate, more often than not, to the Bergman’s.

We started with a trip to the bowling alley. This is where the Pin Doctors: Next Generation, formed. The original Pin Doctors may still be at Cadillac Lanes in Waterloo for all we know.

Then it was back to Kris’ to take up an old tradition. Making homemade confetti.

No violation of child labor laws here.

This was something Kris and I would do on the farm. As Amy said to the boys yesterday, “this is what kids did before there were things called a DS.”

Kris and I, if memory serves, did the same thing with the Bergman clan. That is how we passed the time until midnight.

I brought the newspaper, Kris provided the scissors and we instructed our helpers on how to create their own mess in a pan.

We set up our own “midnight” and counted down to the new year. Here is what we created.

Who needs Times Square when you have fun like this in your own living room?


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