The Hats That Saved Christmas

KCRG/SMG's Chris Earl is ready.
KCRG/SMG’s Chris Earl is ready.

The entries are coming in and are impressive so far.

This is a rough looking start to the contest as it is being done on a mobile device. There are more important things than cable or Internet.

Be safe out there friends.

Stephanie Moore was on night patrol Tuesday night.

Stephanie Moore, WHO-TV.

Someone needs to inform Ron Marasco of WOI that he needs a hat.

Ron Marasco, WOI-TV.

See, Phil Prazen gets it. He’s in his standard stocking cap.

Phil Prazen, WOI-TV

Noelle Smith was on the ‘side of the road’ report location.

Noelle Smith, KCCI-TV

Patrick Bell had multiple hits Wednesday night.

Patrick Bell, KCCI-TV

Kera Mashek’s entry was from Tuesday night, but still a good one.

Kera Mashek, KWWL-TV

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