A Blizzard of Hats

This storm is serious for many people. If you have power, internet, food, and no place to go, you didn’t think this was a problem.

For others in the dark, stuck on the interstate, or working, this was a tough day.

Many our TV friends were in the elements. And, they were wearing hats.

These are the Hats That Saved Christmas. Brett McIntyre starts off this batch.

Brett McIntyre of WHO-HD

Kevin Phelps stands in the place I did several times for KWQC-TV in Davenport. Gotta love the Brady Street Reports.

Kevin Phelps, KWQC-TV
Kevin Phelps, KWQC-TV

WOI-TV’s Jason Rantala was out early Thursday morning, ready for duty.

Jason Rantala, WOI-TV.

Megan Reuther is no stranger to the hat blog. She let me know she had a new hat for the season. Good work, Megan.

Megan Reuther of WHO-HD.

Another KWQC entry comes from Erica Cervantes.

Erica Cervantes, KWQC-TV
Erica Cervantes, KWQC-TV

Jackie Schmillen tells us the traffic for KCCI, but she was in the warm, dare I say, hot, studio. No hat, but the snow season is young.

Jackie Schmillen, KCCI-TV

This is Amber O’Brien’s first time on the blog in our hat parade. Welcome.

Amber O'Brien, KWQC-TV
Amber O’Brien, KWQC-TV

This was not Amanda Lewis’ first winter storm. She was out in the cold wind for KCCI.

Amanda Lewis, KCCI-TV

And our last KWQC entry comes from my longtime friend, Elizabeth Goodsitt. The weekend anchor is always in full fashion.

Elizabeth Goodsitt, KWQC-TV
Elizabeth Goodsitt, KWQC-TV

Arielle Nixon was not in a full hat out front of WHO-HD.

Arielle Nixon, WHO-HD.

And a returning entry comes from Mark Tauscheck of KCCI. That black stocking cap is classic, but always works.
Mark Tauscheck, KCCI-TV

Thank you for checking out the hats. As you can see, I’m a little light in the Waterloo/Cedar Rapids market. Send me any entries to IPTVPaul@gmail.com and we’ll get them in the mix.


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