She’s always had a lot of class

Some people will be forever in your brain.

Jennifer Livingston is one of those people. We go back too many days either of us care to admit.

Livy and I were in many Communication Arts classes together at Wartburg College. We both did some work for Wartburg TV and also KWAR. She was on mImagey staff as promotions manager during my short time as station manager.

We both were music folks, her in choir and I in Castle Singers.

It seemed everywhere I went, she was there.

She went to La Crosse and never really left. She tried getting me to come to WKBT out of college, but I went to KIMT instead.

Each time we talk, it is just like the old times.

Watching the Marion, Iowa native deliver a 4 minute commentary on a viewer was just like the days in Waverly. Smart, well-thought out and heartfelt.

We’ve always said Jen had a big heart. Now her convictions are giving strength to others in countering a bully.

I’m sure many of your social media timelines have seen this image today and comments about the story that has now been reported on Huffington Post, Gawker and many others.

Jen is now reaching fame only her brothers Ron and John have seen before. Even her mother, Linda, was news recently.

Words can be hurtful, but they can also be uplifting and inspiring. I think she’s taken a lemon and turned it much more than lemonade.


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