Home Stretch Causing Silliness

I think the sillies have set in with us.

The sillies have finally set in.

We’ve tried to be athletic, enjoy fine cuisine, gone to VBS, and played in the water.

But now, we are just plan losing it.

Crying at little things, emotional breakdowns and fits. And we haven’t even gotten to Levi’s moods yet.

He’s been saying “I want my Mommy!” often the last few days.

I admit, I want her, too. But, we must wait. We will get through this time apart. We have before and we will again.

Yup, pretty sure we’ve lost it.

Parenting can be easy. Good parenting is not. I’m still not sure where I fit in, but do know this much, challenges are a part of the deal and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Noah has been a rock star this week. Very little complaining, great attitude and a smile on most days. He’s had to be patient, as someone else in the house is crying or carrying on about the smallest of things. (Don’t tell Amy, but I may not be getting her children in bed soon enough).

They are both playing hard outside and come home tired. Throw in 90 degree temps and some hunger, and I have Roseanne Barr before her Snickers bar.

I appreciate you taking time to read these thoughts. But frankly, it is time to go bed. Justin Bieber is on Letterman tonight, so no need to stay up and watch the musical guest at the end of the show.


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