Pancakes, Church and Baseball Combine For Great Father’s Day Fun

Sunday morning pancakes with my syrup-y sons.

I don’t think there’s a better way to spend Father’s Day than with my boys in church, at the ballpark and eating steak.

You will find no complaints from me about being home alone with the boys. I’ve spent a few Father’s Day working, this one just happens to be in the middle of YBHA XI.

Noah and 100 of his closest VBS friends helped pack Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (Services at 530p on Saturday, 8, 930 and 11 on Sunday morning) to belt out those Operation Overboard songs one more time. A special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Freeseman for joining us in church. We welcome all, including Methodists, to our party. It was good to have Wil with us and not in the hospital like he was two years ago on Father’s Day.

Take that, Noah!

After Levi allegedly took a nap, we loaded up on the sunscreen and headed to the ballpark. We sat in the sun for nine outs before retreating to the shade and the conversation with Bill and Ron, our regular row mates. We stayed to run the bases just like Anthony Rizzo when he hit the go-ahead home run in the eighth to propel the Iowa Cubs to a win. Even Levi wanted to run and not be carried. He did well rounding first and heading for home.

Finally, we tried something new on the grill for supper. A flank steak that ended up as the base for our fajitas. Thanks to Aunt Kris for joining us and convincing Levi to try steak. He ate it and apparently liked it. He did try a freshly picked raspberry, but quickly spit that out.

Guess who is the aggressor of these two?

Backyard baseball ended in tears, but they were quickly washed away by the hose. You remember my little hose buddy, right?

Mom called to make sure we were alive and upright. Yes on both accounts. She didn’t ask though, if our clothes were dry.

**Speaking of someone spending more daylight hours with his family, best to John Walters on his new gig at Iowa State University. He’ll be headed to Cyclones.TV. John signed up from ABC5 on Friday night. WOI just won’t be the same. Maybe we’ll see him in Ankeny more often.


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