Too Busy To Be Sad

Tee ball master.

Weekdays are one thing during the Yeager Boys Home Alone adventures.

Weekends are a whole different story.

Saturday was fully scheduled to keep us moving, groovin’ and worn down.

Noah had his last Tee ball game of the season. I was his coach for his second season of organized ball.

This year the Reds got better every week. They hit the ball, improved their fielding and most importantly, appeared to have fun. We only have one instance of tears on our team this year. A couple of bonked heads brought on a few tears and sobs. That’s a good thing.

Everyone loves a parade.

Then it was the Johnston Green Days parade with Cousin Morgan. Everyone loves a parade, right? I mean it may not be certain college radio station invading a rival’s homecoming parade, but it is still fun. Click on the link to find a fun time with everyone’s favorite radio station, KWAR.

Back to candy for the kids…  my boys love when a parade brings free candy to their feet. That is a pretty good deal, right?

By the way, the JGD parade goes down Pioneer Parkway. What a great place to view the cavalcade of dance studios, churches and fire trucks. The boulevard provides a wonderful place to sit. Plus many trees provide shade for the family.

Aunt Alane fed us, bonus, and let the boys play with some of Morgan’s toys. They don’t get to play with dolls too often at home, so it is fun to experience some dollhouses from time to time.

A little shuteye for two boys — the youngest and oldest — helped pass the afternoon.

The grocery store was an adventure. Lots of screaming from the beginning, middle and end. My apologies for anyone in Fareway at the time of our arrival. Thanks to Bob in the Meat Department. His simple gift of a cheese slice brought order to a chaotic scene. Hey, Craig (manager of the meat department), give that guy a raise!

A little kickball fun.

The screaming continued for a few moments at a birthday party. Because why would not scream when you can? I apologize for anyone who was annoyed by it. Not Aunt Kris or Julie, they thought it was funny. I was laughing, too.

The boys calmed down enough to play a kickball game in the street. Levi got into the game, but the screaming started up again when it was time to go home.

I am the worst father ever for taking the boys away from fun!

**BTW, if you’re looking for the news about Molly Nelson leaving KCCI-TV8, all I know is she’s headed to DMACC to head into the world of Public Relations. Molly was a fan favorite of the PPM Hat Parties held when we used to get snow here in Iowa. No more 4AM wake up calls for the sister-in-law of Perry Peterson. Anytime you can get a Wartburg reference in for the former Drake basketball player, I try to do so.


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