A Simple Note to Melt Your Heart

A note “from” Levi on all the things he did while I was gone.

During YBHA XI, I do have a couple of evenings that will need me to be late in picking up the boys or I have to go to a meeting.

Wednesday was one of those nights.

Katie was our babysitter. We’ve used her before. Noah was still at VBS, so it was just Levi and Katie for an hour. Noah wasn’t a fan of being left behind when he was 2.5 and Levi is no different.

He spent 4 minutes clinging to me for dear life hoping I wouldn’t go. He was crying, holding on to my neck so strong I didn’t have to hold him up with my arms. The grip was that tight.

I had to go, but told Katie to call Grandma Paula if this carries on for more than 15 minutes.

Levi will be an Academy Award winning actor. He stopped crying within two minutes of me leaving. The performance before my departure was all for show. Maybe it was the great babysitting by Katie. Regardless, they had a great time. Part of the deal of going to bed was getting Katie to write a note of all the things they did together while I was away.

They were quite busy.

Katie will be back with the boys again soon. Let’s see what they come up with next time.


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