Double Booked

Noah let the Cardinals put him to sleep.
We have a couple of nights where we are going to be double booked with the boys’ activities.

Tuesday was one of those evenings.

Noah had VBS at six. Levi had Kindermusik at six.

We borrowed from one event to make both work during YBHA XI.

That is what happens all the time with families. We are just now entering the double booking time of our lives.

Nothing eventful other than Noah was a little wound up before bed. He tried falling asleep for 15 minutes, then walked down the stairs saying he couldn’t fall asleep. That may have been because I read Dr. Seuss’ “The Sneetches” to him in an active way before bed. He may have been a little wound up after my reading. Oops. My bad.

After Noah came downstairs, he was able to watch the Cardinals lose to the White Sox. I think Noah could tell the Cardinals gave up in the game.

He was asleep soon after the last out was recorded.

So much for my exciting read of the star-bellied sneetches. The excitement before bed thing is why we don’t let the boys watch “The Incredibles” before bed.


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