Summertime Tradition Returns

Levi helps water the trees. And grass. And his dad.

Summer brings warm temperatures, ice cream, baseball and Levi getting all wet from a hose.

It kind of happens every year. Levi “helps” me water the garden and other items.

Monday night Levi and I were giving a little drink to our newly expanded garden. Levi wanted to water the trees. Last year, we couldn’t turn on the hose without ending up with wet shirts, soaked shoes and socks. It is good to see Levi continue the tradition in 2012.

He and I were at home alone while Noah was at VBS. Mom was in the air officially beginning YBHA XI.

This picture gained a little attention on the social media networks. It was just a little timing and luck to get the shot.

I was on the east side of the spray looking back west into the sun. The backlight hit the water and boom, we had the shot. I did put it through Instagram, but did very little to the shot, a little saturation of color and I took the top and bottom out of focus.

I now have a lasting memory of Levi captured on “film”.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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