Time For Another Adventure

I plan on not wearing a shirt the entire time you’re gone, mom.

You were beginning to wonder, weren’t you?

I mean, it has been awhile since we last found out how those two little boys survive in the wild of Ankeny without their mother.

Their father left at home, alone.

Yes folks, it is time for another installment of Yeager Boys Home Alone.

Are you ready?

This is installment number 11.

We begin with the tradition of a departure photo. I plan on having Levi shirtless the entire time Amy is gone. It is summer, right?

Noah poses with mom before bed.

Noah started VBS Sunday night. So summer is here.

He and I went to Jefferson earlier in the day to see some family. This also gave Amy a chance to pack and make sure all systems were a go prior to her departure.

The church will feed us for this week. We should be fine on rations.

Now this weekend, that may be another adventure. This is longest “planned” trips for Amy. Not since the legendary YBHA, when a volcano stranded her in Europe, has she been apart from her boys for so long. That was back in 2010.

We hope for no repeats in delays and just safe travels all around.



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