What has happened? Part 2

Dan Wardell hosts Cameron McCoy in the IPTV Kids Clubhouse during Festival 2012.

Apparently, I left out a few things from the month of March in my last post.

There was the rushing of the bishop, the conversation with a son-of-a-bishop and the texts with the bishop’s assistant. We also drove past the site of the last Bishop’s in the QC where the legendary voice of Ed Lewis asked, “How do you say goodbye to chocolate pie?” on the last day of restaurant in Duck Creek Mall. Ed was interviewing customers on that last day at the place with the great dessert. And table lamps.

I love lamp.

Seriously, I liked the movie “Anchorman”, but what will they do in “Anchorman 2” to make it funny? Murph and Andy on KXNO/WHO-HD are correct, how many comedy sequels are funny? How many of them turn into the Baby Ruth in the pool?

I did work the month of March at IPTV. That month is kind of a big deal for us. It is Festival. I don’t have direct responsibilities those days, but Market To Market keeps churning out the hits like oil, gas, commodities … squirrel!

The POET ethanol facility in Emmetsburg, Iowa.

This story was last week’s adventure from my boss, John Nichols.

Fellow producer Dave Miller and I took a road trip to Emmetsburg for a groundbreaking of a new ethanol facility in northwest Iowa. It was weird to see no snow that far north in mid-March.

I took Murder’s Row to Waverly for a meeting. Thanks to Jesse Gavin for the name.

We saw a touching tribute about former Wartburg All-American wrestler Aaron Wernimont as done by a Wartburg TV student.

I discovered Gotye.

You can see him on Saturday Night Live later this month.

And this old commercial from Ameritrade.

I found that one night while on the treadmill. I’ve been reviewing all my VHS tapes to pare down the stacks of stuff I have everywhere.

That sounds like something I should have done in the month of March while being snowed in my house.


One thought on “What has happened? Part 2

  1. Hello, i have been a big supporter of ethanol production in iowa, usa only with iowa corn. I however did not adhere or relate to miss javorski on iowa meet the press. I think her liberal cover up tpe of answers and defense of obama is sad and so wrong. I do hope she is not allowed back as she is so disgusting, misleading and boring of half truths.

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