Home Alone Again For A 10th Time

Levi, Amy and Noah 3.3.12
Amy and her boys prior to her world adventure.

This post is a little behind the times, but the Yeager Boys are home alone, again. This is the tenth time we’ve been left to fend for ourselves.

We are in the middle of a week where we try to survive on pizza and Goldfish crackers. So far, the diet is holding up and so are we.

The boys had some entertainers this week as I had some church commitments.

So, we’ve been getting by. The boys probably think this is a win-win for them. They get a fun babysitter and don’t have to have ‘stinky daddy’ every night mama is gone.

We attempted church on Saturday night. That was interesting. It was noisy collection weekend where we were encouraged to bring loose change and the kids would collect the coins.

Noah was holding metal bread pans to catch the clanking money. Levi wanted to join the fun. Levi proceeded to walk to the front of the sanctuary, walk past his brother and start climbing the communion railing. Lutherans traditionally don’t move that fast. But I did that night. I think my mother would say I’ve always moved that fast in church since I was that age.

School is in session. The boys seem tired every night and morning.

They are getting food, albeit hot dogs for Levi.

Mom has nothing to worry about.

Or does she?


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