Noah’s Golden Dome Experience

Noah auditions for his role as State House reporter.

Thanks to the Presidents of the United States of America, Noah did not have school on Monday.

That allowed he and I to spend some time together. We made a couple of stops at my work and lunch before the golden experience.

What kid doesn’t want to be dragged to the Iowa State Capital in the middle of the Legislative session? Probably no kid that knows any better. I give Noah credit. He did seem to be excited about it.

Noah took a tour of the Capital last year with his day care.

This time we went when there was all sorts of activity. The House and Senate both gaveled into session on Monday. Then both chambers went into Caucus.

A day of law making makes us crazy!

Noah did get a little bored, but he did enjoy looking up at the lovely scenery of the Iowa Capital’s Rotunda.

He also enjoyed going into the Law Library. We recorded two Iowa Journal’s inside the library. So, I had spent a little time in there and could answer a few of his questions. It was a rare quiet experience for he and I.

It also was Wartburg Day at the Capital. So, Noah and I “had” to stick around for the free ice cream. Anytime the college pays for something you take it.

A little recruiting news here, Noah did commit to Wartburg. I wonder if his verbal will hold up for another 12 years.

It was nice to see some friendly Wartburg faces and meet a few new ones. Also, my old professor, now Senator, Liz Mathis was hard at work with her clerk Suzanne Behnke Heseman.

Kerry Wright was making things happen as always, so thanks to her, too.


One thought on “Noah’s Golden Dome Experience

  1. You are not REALLY trying to get your son into politics, are you??? Even though, being a member of our family, he will be around many conversations/arguments of a political nature, I’m sure.

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