New Hats for the New Year of 2012

Morgan Ottier of KWQC opens the competition with a home run.

Welcome to 2012 and the return of TV reporters/photographers/producers wearing hats on the job.

You’ve all seen a reporter “braving the elements so you don’t have to.”

Sometimes they bring a hat to the liveshot to mix things up a bit.

This year we begin the look around the state and beyond with wonderful hats of winter. The winter that took forever to arrive.

We begin with Morgan Ottier of KWQC. The morning reporter hit a home run outside the Davenport studios this morning. I got to meet Morgan during my recent trip to the Quad Cities for the QC Media Night on Broadway Holiday Winter Spectacular Extravaganza.

Thanks to Joanne Phillips and Alan Campbell for pointing me in the direction of this hat. I know a couple of people are loyal readers of the blog, so thanks for the help. If you’ve seen a hat on your TV and get a screen grab, send it to me at

Jill Kasparie, KCRG TV out in the snow.

Another entry comes from the best friend a guy can ever have in Michael Graham. Chef Mike sent this shot of KCRG reporter Jill Kasparie.

Jill has a twin in Iowa TV. Sister Kelly is a producer at WHO-TV.

I know that can’t be the only two hats out there today. Please consider your sisters and brothers outside your TV market who want to see the best in hats in 2012.

Again, send any pics to
I can leave your name out of credit if you choose.

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