Painting up the final day

Grandma Paula helps Levi watercolor.

We are almost done.

This 9th installment of the Yeager Boys Home Alone was a good one.

No blood, no broken bones and we were all upright on Mamma’s return.

Grandma Paula and Grandpa Wil helped us earlier this week and were called upon again this week.

The State says Veteran’s Day is a holiday, so we were off Friday. That means we had to tape Market To Market on Thursday (you can watch my North Dakota economy story here). I needed to be there through the taping, so I needed a lot of help.

Noah has Kindermusik after school. He seems to like the music class. Grandpa had the honor this week. Thanks to him for that.

Levi stayed back with Grandma. They had such a good time that by the time I arrived, Levi said I could go. He wanted to stay with Grandma.

Noah likes his TV. I wonder where he gets that from?

Do you blame him? They played with watercolors.

I think Noah had a good time, too. He was into Clifford when I arrived.

Those boys were so tired when we got home, they didn’t have enough energy to wrestle.

By the time they were asleep, Amy was getting up in Amsterdam to head west. Her flight from Minneapolis to Des Moines included the Lehigh men’s basketball team. They were headed to Ames for a game with Iowa State.

She’s home and the house was quiet by 8p. That’s a nice end to our week. Thanks for reading this week.

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