When a brother attacks

YB Snow Removal.

Wednesday was a big day for the Yeager Boys. It started with heavy wet snow all over the driveway. Actually, it started with an automated phone call from the school saying Noah’s building was delayed because of a power outage because of the heavy, wet snow.

I am in charge of shoveling the driveway. The task is a little harder to do with Amy gone, but it can be done.

Before I could get my snowblower started, my neighbor Jerry had a path blown clear. Noah was the guide man and Levi helped move snow as well. A big thanks to Jerry for his work.

By the time Noah got to school, it was almost time for me to come back. Wednesday was the scheduled Informance day. This is a chance for the kindergarteners to show off their reading skills to family members.

Here, I’ll let Noah explain.

Earlier in the evening, we tried to explain the day, but Levi wanted no part of it. For the record, when we started recording this video, Levi was sitting on my lap, watching Noah being interviewed. You just never know when a brother will attack and start wrestling.

It didn’t end well, but that was typical of our evening.

This message brought to you by Culver's.

Wednesday night I took a chance.

A chance that the boys would be able to handle a night out for dinner. We attempted Culver’s, which, I’ve determined, is the place where young families and the retired community go for dinner. At least that’s who’s there the nights we go to get a butter burger.

Once my boys consider it safe to talk to a stranger, they do so. Noah was having a nice conversation with the table behind him.

They enjoyed watching Levi eat ketchup.

This was between ketchup bites.

Not on his fries.
Not on his hamburger or his applesauce.
But off his finger that he would dip into the ketchup cup and into his mouth.

At least he got a little salt in his diet.

Then we attempted Target. Kenny Rogers was right, you’ve got to know when fold them and walk away. Dinner was respectable. Target was terrible. Noah ran into a friend from school and they spent a few minutes playing chase the hat. And that was a highlight of the trip.

Boys will be boys, I know.

Sorry for the delay in posting. My internet is having trouble remembering the third thing to make it work properly. Just like Rick Perry.

New Raygun shirt.

I also the net to order my Raygun  Battle of the Weatherman TV Weather guy T-shirt featuring the 8 and 13 guys like Ed Wilson and John McLaughlin.

Too bad they’re not wearing hats. Maybe another Megan Salois pic in a hat will be coming soon.

I think a media column will be coming soon. There’s a lot to report. Any tips for me? Is Jeriann Ritter or Matinka Slater or Katie Ward pregnant again? How about Keith Murphy‘s mustache?



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