Wrestling, basement ball and more trains

1. 2. 3. Wrestle.

A day doesn’t go by when I don’t have to ask Levi to get off his brother. Levi is the younger and so far, doesn’t seem to mind that Noah is older and bigger. Levi will just walk up where Noah may be laying on the floor and just sit on his brother’s head.

It looks a bit like wrestling. So far, it is just more of a hug than a poke. I know soon this will turn to punches and maybe tears and eventually blood. I better freshen up on my first aid. It will be needed soon.

We made it through tears at supper. Levi did continued to stand during dinner like he did last night.

Basement ball.

We took the post-supper fun to the basement.

The last few winters have included Noah and I playing a version of baseball. We’ll call it basement ball. It basically it hitting a ball with your hand running the bases we’ve set up in the basement.

No bats allowed in the house, even when mom is away on a work trip, so we work on hand-eye coordination. It is quite fun and beats sitting on the couch watching TV.

Levi thought he would get in on the action and keep home plate in place by standing on it.

Levi went back to his train table to entertainment.

He’s been doing better at playing tee-ball when we’ve been outside. He now will hit the ball and run to first. Before, he would hit, go get the ball and come back to the tee and repeat. This would frustrate Noah.

Following his not hitting the ball, Levi went back to the train table down the first base line. He really likes driving his trains or as he calls them, “choo-choo’s.”

Now I’m having to pull up train videos on YouTube so he can see them in action. Every time I pull out my phone, Levi wants to see trains. Noah liked trains when he was this age, but nothing like this.

On Saturday, Levi and were hanging out by the train table and shot this video. It was quite fun.

Pillow fight.

And once the basement ball game was done, the boys went back to what they know best, wrestling.

It was more of a pillow fight.

We also played hide the eggs. I can’t tell you how valuable little plastic eggs are in our house. We can use them year-round to keep sharp on our egg hunting ability.

Coming tomorrow…. a snowy morning and a big day at school and how I should have listened to Kenny Rogers. I mean the bearded one and not the former Texas Rangers pitcher.


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