The Fridge Climber

New adventures for Levi.

By the time we reach Monday, we start getting back to the routinethe boys know.

We get going to kindergarten, daycare and then to work. Regularly, I do drop-off and Amy does the pick up. I crack the whip in the morning with a few minutes of TV and mom gives them candy at pick up. I need to have the reputation of the mean one. That’s what Noah likes to call me when he’s mad at me for some reason. The “It’s not fair,” lines are surely coming soon.

I can do breakfast, dressing, and school drop off with minimal shouting, begging and tears. Making dinner is a different set of talents. You have to be quick and efficient. Boys are hungry, tired and have played with friends all afternoon. And that’s on a good day.

When we were not eating at our regular dinner table during our recently completed renovation, Levi was sent back to his high chair. Now he’s enjoying his newly found freedom being free from the high chair. He wants to sit in a big chair like big brother.

Scratch that. He wants to stand. Forget sitting.

Climbing into the fridge is a nightly ritual.

Following dinner, Levi continues his quest for exploration on wild frontier known as our house. He’s tall enough to climb into fridge and peak on the top shelf to see what he wants. Cheese and juice are his targets.

I had a meeting Monday night at church, so Grandma Paula and Grandpa Wil came to the house. Levi was upset at me anyway, so Grandpa was a welcome sight. Plus, Levi took him upstairs to play Lego’s. Noah got his literacy bag completed, so overall a good night.

Tomorrow, we go back to wrestling on a full night of being home alone.


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