Hymnals, Donuts and shots to the face

Levi works on stacking the new red hymnals. He would later stack them over the pew in front of him.

Sunday marked day two of the YBHA IX. If we can get through this day, the toughest will be behind us.

Levi adjusted well to the first hour of the end of Daylight Saving Time. He then decided to wake up around 3 AM. He went back to sleep before I realized what was happening.

He and I made it to church by 730 for our choir warm up. He took over the tenor section during church, but mostly, he was quiet. Now, I know how many new hymnals in the balcony. He really seemed to enjoy playing with those books.

If Noah can have a donut, why can't Levi?

We picked up Noah from his sleepover. It wasn’t until I got to the front door of Jenna’s did I realize that I forgot to pack PJs. Oops. Noah then told me he wasn’t comfortable when he slept.

Back to church for church school to see several former or current members of ALC in Jesup. It is fun to see old friends in new places.
We had our donuts, left our mess, and had lunch.

I did catch a few zzz’s with Noah. He was tired. He should be. I later found out there wasn’t much sleep in sleepover. He was up late, so getting him to nap wasn’t much of a challenge. It is fun to snuggle with him on Sunday afternoons. I do like that.

Noah is ready for soccer. Levi is ready for baseball. Morgan is caught in the middle.

Aunt Alane came over for an afternoon of fun. Morgan and Noah wanted to play soccer. Then baseball.

Levi was kicked in the face with a ball and Alane caught a liner off the cheek from Morgan.

That about sums up our 20 minutes outside.

I turned to kick the ball and Levi was right there, in the path of the ball off my right foot. He cried for his Mommy.

Liner by Morgan. This shot would hit her mother. All would be fine.

Then Alane pitched a ball that Morgan hit right back up the middle. More accurately, the middle of her left cheekbone.

Game over.

But Morgan does have a nice swing. And she’s a lefty. Scouts please contact me. I’m the uncle that’s looking out for her best softball interests.

We had a couple of shots to the chops, but the no-blood streak continues.



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