Nine Times, Mrs. Yeager

Levi, Amy and Noah. November 5, 2011.

As the clock winds back an hour, it is time to retreat to the old PP&M standby, Yeager Boys Home Alone.

For those of you new to the blog, this is the time when Mama Yeager departs overseas for a few days to leave us a Yeager boys home, well, alone.

This marks the 9th time we’ve done this. Some are easy, others are more of a challenge. (Nine times? Nine Times, Mrs. Bueller.)

We begin each trip with a departure photo. The one time we didn’t take a picture, Amy was stranded earned a few extra days in Europe thanks to a volcano. Call me superstitious, Just don’t call me well-rested.

Hair cut time, because we all know how important hair is to a male Yeager.

Amy tries to leave later on Saturday so we can have some time together before she flies and this launch day was no different.

One item on our agenda was to get two little boys a hair cut. Mission accomplished.

We put some furniture back into our front room after our renovation was finally complete. We ripped out carpet in that room and put in a hardwood floor.

It will be my job to make sure the floors have minimal scratches, wears and no tears on her return.

One way to do that is to send Levi’s wrestling partner, Noah, to cousin Jenna’s for a sleepover. So, Noah had fun going to Chuck E. Cheese and Levi and I had a quiet night planned.

But first we had to make a lot of noise at the grocery store. Levi no longer wants to sit in the toddler seat and look back at the driver. He wants to sit in the main cart area and stack groceries on him. After awhile, he’s ready to stand up in the cart and stand on everything in the cart. No cardboard box, loaf of bread or broad egg noodles are safe.

Levi did keep asking for No-No, but instead it was just his daddy. Amy and I have talked about how much calmer and easier it is to just have one child instead of two. At the time we had just one, it seemed sooooo complicated. I’m sure our friends with 3 and 4 kids will tell us that two is a walk in the park.

Levi and I ended up in the basement and I’ll let him tell you what we were up to.

I wonder where Levi gets his love of the camera?


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