Lil’ Gardeners

Someone likes to pick the green tomatoes.

Wednesday we took some time to go outdoors. Earlier in the spring, the boys and I planted a garden on a previous YBHA adventure.

It is my chance to answer the call for my ag roots and show the boys the fun of growing your own tomatoes, even though Noah won’t eat them, and seeing how things grow.

Our tomatoes took over the tiny space allowed for the fruit. I get some picking help from Levi. He must like green tomatoes as he keeps grabbing those little guys off the vine.

We’ve also seen a huge growth in raspberries. They were kind of a “plant-to-be-named-later” in an acquisition of rhubarb from one of Amy’s co-workers. He threw in some prickly brush fruit plants. We planted them and they’ve been a huge surprise in their success. That is a great late-summer treat for us. Just as the boss departed, our crop has come in.

Raspberry picker looks into the sun.

Noah likes to hold the bowl while I pick. He also wants to lend a hand in bringing in the berries, but those prickly barbs hurt him.

But like most nights, the garden didn’t hold their attention very long and they were off to the hose for entertainment.

Levi loves the water. He will spray that hose on his brother at any chance he can get. Or me, for that matter.

It seemed like a natural thing to do for some fun in the YBHA adventure series. We’ve done baseball and the library, why not a sprinkler?

Levi gets an early bath.

So, following dinner, we put on swimsuits and tried to play in the sprinkler. Again, Levi didn’t want to play without his big brother.

We had a little extra time because a very nice stranger mowed our front lawn at some point during the day. I was planning on knocking off the section visible by the street, but someone took time to do it for us. If it is a reader of this blog, I thank you.

Grandpa Wil said it wasn’t him, he is known to do such things, but didn’t this day.

Story time.

Grandpa Wil and Grandma Paula did take some time to come visit. They dropped off a couple of things and got to see if all was still okay and we were alive.

The boys asked for an individual reading time. Noah hopped in Grandpa’s lap and Levi took to Grandma.

They both got some quality time with a grandparent and some stories read to them.

Thanks to them and to you for taking time to read this series of stories of me and my boys. It is fun to do and look back at the past adventures.

Amy is home and fast asleep as this late-night storm comes through.

Time for me to join her.


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