Slowing down after screaming for his supper

Levi and Noah take centerstage in the new Ankeny High School Auditorium.

Some nights, you just have to take it easy. That is easier said than done.
Our first night brought Aunt Kris over for a visit after the leaky sippy cup incident.

Night two included a trip to the ballpark with stickers, peanuts and as Aunt Kris reminded me, Levi coloring his hands all black with a marker.

So, we needed some time at home to get the boys rested and relaxed.

As you can see, they seem to appreciate the couch time. I believe they were watching Wild Kratts. Both have learned from their father how to properly sit on the couch. I am so proud.

More TV time

I suppose TV has something to do with their contentment.

Regardless of a YBHA or not, we try to limit the TV time for Levi and Noah. We don’t want them turning into a squid as our friend Dan Wardellwarned about.

But sometimes you have to just the boys be boys. At least they’re not sitting on each other.

Or screaming.

Before Amy left for Europe, she admitted we may have a little bit of a spoiled little boy on our hands. His name is Levi.

He likes certain things and occasionally, we give in. One thing Levi likes to do is be held before dinner. I know that sounds strange, but when Amy gets home from work, she can’t set the little guy down, she has him on her hip for 20 minutes, preparing a meal one-handed.

I said I would try to break this habit.

I tried.

But, man, Levi is a Yeager, he’s got the pipes. He screamed for 20 minutes while I made supper for Noah and I. Not even some food for Levi would calm him down.

Finally, I relented and got the boy a pacifier, but I’m sure the neighbors were wondering what type of CIA/Donald Rumsfeld/Dick Cheney torture tactics were happening in our house. It got so bad, Noah started to cry because Levi was crying.

Someone has a penchant for no clothes after bath.

Dinner was peaceful and in stereo. Two crying boys on either side. They just needed food. After some tomato soup, calm was restored.

They both calmed down and we went outside to ride scooters and have some fresh air.

Then this happened.

Levi likes to shed his towel after bath and run to his room. I’d show you some more pictures, but I don’t need the police knocking on the door. You can see his little toe in this picture and that is it.


One thought on “Slowing down after screaming for his supper

  1. I wish we were closer so we could help out! I remember those days—oh wait—I’m still in them! Children 10 & 11 act the same way!!!!! Just maybe not running around naked, they want their privacy now!

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