Game night adventures in YBHA VIII

A boy and his stickers are deeply connected.

Going to an Iowa Cubs is an adventure for our family. And that’s with two parents, not just one. Why I thought taking the boys would be a good idea, I’m still not sure. But that’s what you do when you’re in the middle of YBHA VIII.

Thank goodness the game started at 635p, so I had a chance to get the boys into the stadium and see a little bit of baseball before they melted.

Levi was content removing stickers from a book, lifting his shirt and applying them to his belly.

Then the national anthem arrived and Levi remembered he was as the ballgame. From that point on, he was up and down for rest of the night.

Noah questions Gordon how Iowa Corn could go so long without answering questions about that statue. Bill and Ron were pleased to not be in the middle of the exchange.

Noah wanted his own seat next to Bill. They were talking when Uncle Gordon arrived.

Noah wasted no time in asking the Iowa Corn member about the organization’s Iowa/Iowa State trophy. Noah just couldn’t believe Iowa Corn waited so long to call a press conference to remove the pewter family. He said it was a good idea they finally talked about it, but understands they may have been the ones left holding the bag.

Noah said his talking points and went on to bothering cousin Maddox and his brother. Just like old times sake.

We created a little attention, mostly when the boys were dropping items off our ledge to the ground below. Just normal little boy stuff.

The boys wanted peanuts. I obliged. Levi would keep putting in peanuts in his mouth, chew them, but I had a feeling he wasn’t swallowing them. Eventually they came out of his mouth and it was time to go.

Just another fun night at the ole ball game in the Yeager Boys Home Alone.

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