Genetics are hard to overcome, YBHA returns

Noah, Amy and Levi following a morning reading session.

The picture of a smiling Amy and her two boys can mean only one thing, the “Yeager Boys are Home Alone” or YBHA for the newbies to the blog. If you’re looking for football posts, check back Thursday and Sunday night. That is when I will post the preview and the review of the next game.

Now, back to the family fun. This is the 8th installment of this series. What did we do in YBHAVII?

Momma is in Europe this week.

This time, she was able to delay her departure until Sunday, so that helped make the weekend go a bit smoother for all involved. As I loaded the boys for church, she loaded her vehicle for the airport.

My first adventure involved the diaper bag. Now that Levi is almost 2, the sudden need for diapers isn’t as great as much as the bag is required to carry snacks, drinks and distractions.

I checked the stock before launch and added a sippy cup of juice. I should have checked the lid a little closer. It was screwed on properly, but the removable insert was not flush with the lid and provided a great escape for the contents of the juice. I discovered my situation in the middle of the opening hymn that the cup did not runneth over, but out and into the contents of the bag. A spare t-shirt did most of the work of sopping up the mess, but the diapers remained dry. I’m not sure if they did their job or were just not in the path of the apple drip.

It didn’t matter, Levi wandered the church for most of the service.

We came home, had our naps. Ok, scratch that, Levi had a super nap while Noah played with Lego’s.

Levi and Noah take centerstage in the new Ankeny High School Auditorium.

After having to wake the sleeping wonder named Levi, the boys and I loaded up to go to school. Actually, we toured the new Ankeny High School.

It is quite the spectacle. We’ve watched the school go from dirt to opening as the site is on our way to Noah’s daycare. Now, it is open to the public and incredible. The gym will be a big upgrade over the old one and the auditorium is gorgeous.

Maybe someday I’ll see these two on this stage in front of a few folks.

They had fun touring the school, seeing the big kids’ lockers, classrooms (he recognized the Elmo in one of the room’s as the same from his classroom) and Mr. Poppen’s band room.

Levi, Noah and Maddox playing ball.

As per tradition, we usually invite a cousin over when Mom is away. Cousin Maddox came over for the evening. He’s between Noah and Levi in age. Mad Dog wanted to play some baseball, so we tried to get some tee-ball innings in before supper.

It was an adventure. Just getting a picture of the three ball players was challenging.

Levi is learning to swing, but Maddox is ready for play. He really can hit it. Noah is working on his patience in playing with his cousins. He is getting better at playing with the younger kids. You know, he’s so old now that he’s a kindergartener.

Brian, Mark, Barb, Lynda and Kent provide leadership in photo taking.

But back to the group picture. These three may not have any choice in how they can’t seem to pose together. They all come from the family tree that provides this photo as inspiration.

This picture was taken back in June as my cousin Erik’s wedding to Dana. I asked my father and his siblings to leave the reception hall for an unofficial family photo. Erik’s father, Mark is my dad’s brother. Brian, Barb and Lynda completed the picture.

In their defense, they did pose for a nice photo a few seconds later.


  1. Great story and pics. Since I am a ‘newbie’ to your blogs, I will study the acronyms closely so I can be part of the gang. 🙂

  2. I have to say – that’s a pretty funny picture of the boys and I can’t believe you captured it at all. 🙂

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